Carsten Reimann holds a doctorate degree in Public International Law, a postgraduate degree from the University of Edinburgh and a degree in General Management from St Gallen University. He also is a classically-trained church musician. Carsten began his career as a lawyer in a Magic Circle firm and later had various in-house roles in the automotive industry. Then he went into legal recruitment and headhunting, building what is today called an alternative legal service provider. Carsten started the first German lawyer-on-demand service and law company Xenion Legal in 2011. After managing the firm for almost 10 years, he sold his shares to a strategic investor. Now Carsten is active as an entrepreneur, investor and mentor in the law and tech space.

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Legalpreneur curious about people, law, design and tech

Carsten is a veteran in the legal innovation area. Back in 1992, while still at the University of Edinburgh, he built his first legal expert sys­tem after discussions with Professor Neil McCormick and Richard Susskind in jurisprudence class. In 2015 he created Europe’s first legal guidance system, the mother of legal chatbots.

In 2016, together with award-winning legal AI pioneer Professor Jochen Deister, Carsten started Lawyers on Fire podcast on innova­tion, passion and purpose, reporting on the highlights and interviewing leading figures from legal technology and legal design.

At his NewLaw company Xenion Legal, he spent about a decade adapting and fine-tuning the Anglo-American Lawyer-on-Demand model and the Finnish LDaaS (Legal Department as a Service) concept for the German market.

He is a father of three and likes spending time in Italy. When not with his family, you can find Carsten working on new ventures, meeting inspiring people or playing music. He loves co-creating and discussing new business ideas or concepts.

His current focus is on European AI computing (Thea Labs) and a platform to future-proof notaries’ offices (Econota). Contact him if you are interested in Ecopreneur Village, a project combining business community and premium holiday location.

As an alumnus of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the German Academic Scholarship Foundation, Carsten is committed to supporting the next generation of promising lawyers and entrepreneurs.

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